Department of ENT

Department of ENT


The ear, nose, and throat are vital sensory organs that are connected to one another. Kingsway Hospitals brings you cutting edge ENT care backed by a team of highly qualified specialists, surgeons, and audiologists who are renowned names in their respective fields.

Symptoms requiring a visit to our ENT Department


•  Pain

•  Discharge (Pus)

•  Itching

•  Blockage

•  Hearing Loss

•  Tinnitus / Ringing in Ear

•  Dizziness

•  Mass in the Ear


•  Nasal Blockage or Stuffiness

•  Recurrent cold

•  Facial Pain & Headache

•  Nasal Discharge, Sneezing & Itching 

•  Mass in the Nose

•  Nasal Bleeding, injury & Fracture

•  Nasal Crusting & Whistling

•  Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

•  Loss of Sense of Smell

•  Deformity of Nose Shape


•  Pain

•  Difficulty in Swallowing/Breathing

•  Ulceration/White Patches

•  Difficulty in opening mouth

•  Cough & Sputum

•  Change of Voice

•  Speech Problems

•  Mass in the Throat/Neck


• Fixed OPD hours consultation with round the clock emergency services 

• Audiology, Speech, Languages, and Hearing sciences 

• Nasal and Laryngeal Endoscopy

• Allergy Testing 

• Vertigo Clinic 

• Thyroid Clinic 

• Cochlear OPD  

• Mouth Ulcer Clinic 

• Voice Clinic


•  All types of ear surgeries with the latest Microscope

•  Nose and Skull base surgeries with the latest endoscope with microdebrider and drill system 

•  Tonsil, adenoid, snoring and obstructive sleep apnea surgery with Coblation Techniques 

•  Congenital hearing loss with Stapes surgery with skeeter drill

•  Cochlear implantation


•  Hearing loss  

•  Ear infections - Middle ear, inner ear, and mastoid problems 

•  Nasal & Voice problems

•  Vertigo

Also, offer cutting-edge procedures like cochlear implants. Audiology department provides specialized support through comprehensive evaluation & rehabilitation for individuals with hearing loss, and pre/post cochlear implant therapy.

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