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What are you doing as you read this?

Are you having a cup of coffee?

Are you taking a break from work?

Getting ready for bed?

chances are most probably you’re sitting down most

We get it; your feet are tired!  That chair is comfortable.  What are you supposed to do—!!! 

We have all heard the saying “sitting is the new smoking”, relating to India’s increasing epidemic of sedentary lifestyles.  But is this true?  Is sitting in a chair that bad for you? Let’s see. 


Over 25% of Indian adults sit for more than 8 hours every day. Near about half of those people get little to no exercise.

The average Indian watches approximately 3 hours of television every day.

The average Indian is active in less than 20 minutes every day.

One hour of steady walking can counter the effects of too much sitting.

A new study found that people who sit the most, compared to people who sit the least, have a greater risk of disease and death:

 112% increased risk of diabetes.

The increased risk of cardiovascular activities such as stroke and heart attack comes to around 147%

Cardiovascular risks of death increase to 90%

Risk of death increases by 49% by random causes


Sitting can be so comforting.  Why is it so bad? Here’s what happens when you sit for too long.

Blood flow slows down, allowing fatty acids to build up in the blood vessels, leading to heart illness.

Sitting for long periods frequently may lead to insulin resistance which can cause type 2 diabetes and obesity—2 major risk factors for heart disease.

Fat processing slows down in the body.  When you sit, your body’s creation of lipoprotein lipase (an enzyme essential for breaking down fat) drops by about 90%, leading to the storage of more fat that can not be broken down.


Sitting is inevitable! Here’s how you can avoid any adverse side effects:

Set a timer. Get up every hour and move. Stand, walk around, stretch.  To remind yourself, you can even download apps.

Watch your posture.  Poor posture can lead to bone damage, reduced blood circulation, fatigue, and loss of muscle strength. If you must sit, keep your chin tucked, shoulders back, and your stomach stretched toward your spine to keep muscles engaged, bones aligned, and circulation flowing.

Take a stand. If you’re able, why not go for a standing desk?  It has proven to increase brain function, creativity, and productivity. Your heart will also be very much thankful to you. Commit to exercising every single day. Go on a walk during lunch.

Plan to attend a fitness class.

Choose the far parking spot.

Every minute of physical activity counts!

It has been said in recent years that ‘sitting is as bad just like smoking.  While sitting and smoking both have adverse effects on health, it is not possible to compare them.

It’s wonderful to take a rest. It’s essential.  But at what point does ‘taking a rest’ turn into living a sedentary life? Track the hours that you spend in a day sitting.

Honestly, sitting at your desk may not be the same as being in a smokers lounge, but it could very well bring in the same result.

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