KinFitter is your way to discover best in yourself. With the demanding job requirement and fast changing world it is difficult for one to live a wholistic healthy life, resulting in odd working hours, lack of sleep, unhealthy and fast food, stress and lack of physical exercise. All this has resulted in growing not just weight and obesity but also disease related to it like Migraine, sleep apnoea, stroke and cerebro vascular accident, cardio vascular disease or heart attacks, hypertension, PCOD, infertility, knee or hip osteoarthritis, gout and even cancer of gut and breast.

Obesity is multi modality disease just working on diet or exercise and after a stage even working on both fails to bring desired results hence Kingsway Hospitals bring you the KinFitter programme designed by expert Lifestyle physician, Bariatric Surgeon, Dietician, Physiotherapist/ Physical trainers, and Psychologist keeping your daily lifestyle in mind.

It’s a monthly subscription-based programme to help you not only achieve your weight goals, but also helps you to bring best out of you in a wholistic scientific way. Moreover, this plan comes in three levels to help you customise as per you need.

KinFitter Classic: It is a monthly consultancy base subscription where you get evaluated by our weight loss consultant to take care of diseases related to obesity, dietician gives you diet plan for a month, our expert physiotherapist designs a workout plan for a month and our expert psychologist helps you to adapt to healthy behaviour.

KinFitter Star: All services in KinFitter programme are followed closely every week and customisation offered as per progress and difficulties, support offered both ofline and online.

KinFitter SuperStar: It is a more aggressive day to day follow up programme where our dedicated team helps you to follow prescribed health programme on daily basis with live video consultation with physical trainer.

Exercise prevents the onset of ailments within the body and keeps the body in form. Regular exercise or physiotherapy exercises for weight loss is critical to remain healthy. When done for a suitable interval and frequently, can encourage weight reduction and energize your system into the physical form. Physiotherapy is also a workable option for both children and adults combating obesity by helping restore flexibility, increasing strength, building better cardiovascular health, preventing injuries and reducing pain which can occur with excessive weight gain. It can also restore flexibility and help you maintain balance and body function. By headlining a strict diet and fittness plan, along with regular physical movement, physiotherapy can prove to be helpful in slimming down, fighting off excessive weight and be on track with your fitness goals.

Another way physiotherapy helps you stay fit is by preventing the problems which come with excess weight gain. Weight irregularities also bring about added pressure on the bones and joints and limit their functioning. This can further impact your health and create more problems. Some of the symptoms which physiotherapy can manage include:-


  • Limited flexibility
  • Imbalanced endurance levels
  • Heaviness or running out of breath
  • Fatigue
  • Lost strength
  • Body pain arising out of added weight pressure

Why is it so difficult to lose weight?
Why is changing Eating Habits so difficult?
While external and genetic factors play a role, no one questions that individuals are in charge of their daily decisions about what and how much to eat. Stress, anxiety and addiction limits the conscious control we have over our choices. A key part of the problem is we believe we have more control over our behaviour than we actually do and that is the reason we fail to achieve our goal through traditional diet and workouts. Here, in this program we will work on your lifestyle and eating habits with Behaviour Modification Therapy which will help bring changes in your day to day eating habits and living style.

Time to uncover and flaunt a Healthy you!!!

Check your body Mass Index (BMI) and if it is beyond the normal limits, Bang on!! This place is for you. Do you think losing weight is hard enough!! Yes, may be because, you regain all the weight you lost soon after you stop following your diet. May be because you are following a Fad Diet!! Which often promises dramatic weight loss, but without scientific evidence and also has dangerous dietary advices leading to Malnutrition. Time to shed off those extra kilos the right way!! In our KinFitter program, we make sure that you lose weight in a most scientific way by making you follow the best personalized diet specially tailormade for you which is scientific, suitable to your body, practical or easy to follow and most important sustainable to achieve long term goals.

Click here to check your BMI (Body Mass Index).

Know Your Team

Dr. Sushil Lohiya

Consutant Bariatric Surgeon, visited Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA as visiting clinician in Bariatric Unit has a decade of experience in complex GI and Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeries. He has keen interest in management of lifestyle disorder and know for compassionate care.


Ms. Chandrika Chakrabarty
Chief Behaviour Modification Therapist
Ms. Seema Agrawal
Chief Dietitian,
Head, Dietetics Department
Dr. Neena Sahu
Ms. Raksha Pateriya
Program Co-ordinator
Ms. Leena Agrawal
ProgramCo-ordinator & Dietician
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