Institute of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine


Kingsway Hospital is offering the latest in Orthopedic treatments and Orthopedic surgical advancements in Central India. Our Orthopedicians trained at the top centers, bring with them the latest and best techniques and work in our facilities that have the latest cutting-edge technology in terms of equipment, operating theatres and advanced Physiotherapy facilities. At Kingsway Hospital we offer all subspecialties of Orthopaedics under one roof.


  • Arthroscopy Keyhole knee and shoulder surgery
  • Partial & Total knee replacement
  • Shoulder Replacement
  • Hip Replacement
  • Microscopic spine surgeries

Types of procedures for shoulder surgeries

Arthroscopic Procedure

Arthroscopy allows the orthopedic surgeon to insert a pencil-thin device with a small lens and lighting system into tiny incisions to look inside the joint.

Open Surgery

May be necessary and, in some cases, may be associated with better results than arthroscopy. Open surgery often can be done through small incisions of just a few inches.

Accident & Trauma Centre

Pelvic & Acetabular Trauma surgery

Sports Medicine

The advanced surgical and rehabilitation facilities available at our Centre for Sports Medicine ensure that our patients return to their highest capabilities in the shortest possible time. The department offers. 

– Arthroscopy and Sports Orthopaedics Services 

– Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement Services

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