Department of Psychiatry


Psychiatry means – Branch of medicine which deals with assessment and treatment of various mental, emotional and behavioural disorders.

Role of the Psychiatry Department –  it  deals with the assessment and treatment of all psychiatric and psychological disorders of all age groups right from children, adolescents, adults till old age groups.

Facilities offered:-

  1. ECT ( electro-convulsive therapy)
  2. Counselling and Psychotherapy
  3. IQ assessment
  4. Psychological testing – Aptitude, Learning disability screening, Personality tests etc…


  1. Childhood Psychological and Behavioural Problems
  2. Anxiety Disorders
  3. Deaddiction
  4. Sleep Disorders
  5. Mood Disorders
  6. Sexual Disorders
  7. Old age Psychiatric disorders
  8. Tension Headache ,Migraine
  9. Chronic Pain Disorders
  10. Psychotherapy & Counselling
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