Department of ENT


The ear, nose, and throat are vital sensory organs that are connected to one another. Kingsway Hospitals brings you cutting edge ENT care backed by a team of highly qualified specialists, surgeons, and audiologists who are renowned names in their respective fields.

Symptoms requiring a visit to our ENT Department


•  Pain

•  Discharge (Pus)

•  Itching

•  Blockage

•  Hearing Loss

•  Tinnitus / Ringing in Ear

•  Dizziness

•  Mass in the Ear


•  Nasal Blockage or Stuffiness

•  Recurrent cold

•  Facial Pain & Headache

•  Nasal Discharge, Sneezing & Itching 

•  Mass in the Nose

•  Nasal Bleeding, injury & Fracture

•  Nasal Crusting & Whistling

•  Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

•  Loss of Sense of Smell

•  Deformity of Nose Shape



•  Pain

•  Difficulty in Swallowing/Breathing

•  Ulceration/White Patches

•  Difficulty in opening mouth

•  Cough & Sputum

•  Change of Voice

•  Speech Problems

•  Mass in the Throat/Neck



• Fixed OPD hours consultation with round the clock emergency services 

• Audiology, Speech, Languages, and Hearing sciences 

• Nasal and Laryngeal Endoscopy

• Allergy Testing 

• Vertigo Clinic 

• Thyroid Clinic 

• Cochlear OPD  

• Mouth Ulcer Clinic 

• Voice Clinic



•  All types of ear surgeries with the latest Microscope

•  Nose and Skull base surgeries with the latest endoscope with microdebrider and drill system 

•  Tonsil, adenoid, snoring and obstructive sleep apnea surgery with Coblation Techniques 

•  Congenital hearing loss with Stapes surgery with skeeter drill

•  Cochlear implantation



  •  Hearing Loss

    •  Ear infections – Middle ear, inner ear, and mastoid problems 

    •  Nasal & Voice problems

    •  Vertigo 

Also, offer cutting-edge procedures like cochlear implants. Audiology department provides specialized support through comprehensive evaluation & rehabilitation for individuals with hearing loss, and pre/post cochlear implant therapy.

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